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My name is Vicki White and I am addicted to photography... (tehee) I am originally from England but I'm currently living in Tokyo, Japan. I am most happy when I'm behind my camera and I'm now begining to see the world in a whole new way, filled with bright colors, beautiful detail and stunning backgrounds. I am an absolute perfectionist when taking photos of people catching their special moments for them to keep forever. I also love nature... sunsets, mountains, flowers, butterflies, birds... you name it... If I can take a picture of it... I will love it!

Winter Blossom

Tuesday, 8 February 2011 0 comments

I have seen such beautiful blossom on a few trees at the moment in Japan. There are some white blossom and some pink blossom, both stunning. But I am wondering why they flower this early (despite them being named Winter Sakura) because the difference in temperature between the day and night is as drastic as 10° difference. It snowed today....