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My name is Vicki White and I am addicted to photography... (tehee) I am originally from England but I'm currently living in Tokyo, Japan. I am most happy when I'm behind my camera and I'm now begining to see the world in a whole new way, filled with bright colors, beautiful detail and stunning backgrounds. I am an absolute perfectionist when taking photos of people catching their special moments for them to keep forever. I also love nature... sunsets, mountains, flowers, butterflies, birds... you name it... If I can take a picture of it... I will love it!

A Fresh Start... back in England!!!

Monday, 4 April 2011
Ok, these past few weeks have been hard to cope with. After the earthquake, tsunami and then the nuclear scare me and Fran left Japan and flew back to England... thinking we would be heading back out there in a couple of weeks. Now we have been back two and a half weeks and unfortunately Japan is still suffering very bad and we have made the decision to stay in England. It is hard because we loved everything about Japan... the people, the language, the "Japanese way", the scenery... (I was extremely attached of Mt. Fuji), our jobs... and our lives there... we were happy and we felt needed. It has been great to see everyone back here, family and friends. We have had good days and bad days... but in no way can we complain, people are really suffering in Japan at the moment, and quite frankly, we got off lightly! So... everything happens for a reason - I keep telling myself! This is meant to happen, something will fit in to place soon I'm sure. So I am THROWING myself into my photography!!! I'm back and I'm ready to give it my all!!! I will be updating the info page with a price list to get things rolling!!!! I will be sure to let you know when it's done.

We are still unclear of where we want to live in England. It is hard with family and friends all over the country but over the next week it will become clear I'm sure ^_^

So I've been teaching Fran odd photography bits here and there (now he has got his own camera!) and he is doing great! He came on his first shoot on the weekend with my brother Matthew and his girlfriend Hannah. We had a great time and we both got some awesome shots! Here's a sneek peek of one of Hannah... It made it to Explore on Flickr! WOOP!


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